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Lake Hodges 15k Mini Recap

Me at the start. Me at the finish. What’s left to say? Last Sunday was the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. It includes a 50k, 15k, 5k and kid’s mile. It’s put on by Paul Jesse of Off Road Pursuits (he …


Fitness Junkie Giveaways!

Where all my fitness junkies at? This giveaway is for YOU! I have two prize packages of some awesome swag that I’ve collected along the way. Truth be told, I can’t even begin to use all this great stuff but …


Half Training: The 8 Mile Run

Oh, training for a half marathon! I’m excited and also nervous. Excited to be running distance again! Feeling great about it, actually! Nervous about the foot (trying to prevent re-injury) and praying I never have to stop running again. RACE …


The Ragnar Trail Experience

UPDATE: Here are some of the free photos provided from the event. I just had to dump them in here real quick. Can you believe it? FREE photos!? It’s 4 AM. The moon is high and bright over Vail Lake and …


The Oval Office

Running in circles on a track is something I used to find incomprehensible. Having never been involved in school sports, it took me a while to appreciate track and field events during the Olympics and then understand the lingo. Of course, after …


Beat Your Impossible

Today is about beating the “impossible” and cool new technology that lets you do heart training without a chest strap! What?! Well, before I get into all that I want to share a story about how I beat my impossible. THE …


October Trail Fun

This week has been great for morning runs with The Mox! Just 1 mile today. I have 2.4 miles to bike to work in about 15 minutes….Okay, so I couldn’t be more excited for September to be ending! Not just …