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Finally! Forest Park

Last weekend I finally made it to Forest Park! For TWO separate runs! If you’ve never heard of it, Forest Park is …


Booty Shakin’ Fitness!

Do you love your body? How about your BOOTY? Well, Heather Craig thinks you should! She’s developed a bootylicious workout routine that …


Weatherproof Wednesday

5:30 AM was like…However, I did burpees in the mud, ran stairs, got interviewed by KATU, and hugged a bunch of strangers…all before …


Confession of a Cold Weather Wimp

It’s all about perspective, right? Well, recently I wanted to get some perspective on running conditions to make myself realize how good I have …


Join me for Run This Year 2015

Wow. Starting my third year of RunThisYear is awesome. I’ve learned a lot hosting this challenge in the past two years and …