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Classpass PDX Feature: MOD-Physique

Some people like Pilates. Some like to lift weights. Some believe high intensity cardio is king and others still are convinced the mind-body connection is the be-all end-all. Then there are people that cherry pick the best of different forms of fitness, …


ClassPass PDX: The First Four

As previously mentioned, I have a free 1 month trial to ClassPass so I can try it out in Portland. Let’s look at the first four days of using ClassPass. Is it easy? Is it fun? Is it worth it? …


Rockin ClassPass All Over PDX!

I’ve moved to a new city and want need to find a gym. Problem is… I want to try everything. Many places don’t offer a free week. It’s hard to know if you like something after just one class. What’s a girl …


Temecula Wine Country Half Recap

So I moved to Oregon a few weeks ago. And of course winter blew in with a flurry to welcome me back to my home state. If I ever needed a destination race, it was last Friday when I woke …


Fit Fall Fashion Week: Your Picks!

  If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen this past week has been all about… Fit Fall Fashion Week!   Monday thru Friday I’ve posted images of two styles from Lorna Jane Active‘s fall looks and asked you to pick which …


Lake Hodges 15k Mini Recap

Me at the start. Me at the finish. What’s left to say? Last Sunday was the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. It includes a 50k, 15k, 5k and kid’s mile. It’s put on by Paul Jesse of Off Road Pursuits (he …


Fitness Junkie Giveaways!

Where all my fitness junkies at? This giveaway is for YOU! I have two prize packages of some awesome swag that I’ve collected along the way. Truth be told, I can’t even begin to use all this great stuff but …