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The Run Factor: Zero 2 Superhero

Imagine your life on as a timeline. On your timeline is a series of turning points, decisions and events that have shaped the course of your journey to now. For many of you, the decision to start running is an …


Active Living Challenge | Week 1

Social media photo challenges: they can be so much fun…and also hard work. I’m currently trying to keep up with the Active Living Challenge hosted by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active! Sometimes it is easy (a healthy recipe) because you can snap …


Daydreaming About Running

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I will put this out there. Sometimes I daydream about running. Does anyone else do that? Obviously I can’t run all the time so, a significant part of my week is spent…well, not running. …


The Facts of Running and Groin Pains

I started this year coming back from a foot injury. Started from scratch. I jogged 1/4 of a mile on January 1st and over the following months built up to a mile, then two, then three. The past few weeks I’ve felt like …


Run with me in Anaheim on Aug 14th

August is going to be an exciting month! I have the IDEA World fitness convention as well as a trip to Napa Wine Country with my girlfriends. Also, there is Blogfest (at IDEA World) where I’ll get to hang out …


Trail Shoe Review: Wave Kazan

Trail running shoes. Most of us start as road runners and as we move toward trails we get excited about the idea of new and specialized shoes for our off road pursuits. Problem is, trail surfaces vary a lot more than road. …


The Art of Fitness | INKnBURN Review

I run. I love CrossFit. I blog. Therefore, I review a lot of different fitness apparel brands and I have a lot of really good stuff. Of all the clothes I’ve gotten sweaty in, there is one brand that stands out to …