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Fitbit One Giveaway

 WAIT! Did you see these posts first?: GetOutAndGo for American Heart Month GetOutAndGo Update!  And now for the Fitbit One Giveaway! What is Fitbit …


Tiux Compression Sock Review

Compression socks. You either swear by ‘em or snicker at ‘em. I thoroughly enjoy sporting my compression socks around, especially underneath non …


Get Out And Go for Heart Health

You may have seen. You may have heard. It is American Heart Month! Heart disease kills over 600k Americans a year and since 1963, …


Finally! Forest Park

Last weekend I finally made it to Forest Park! For TWO separate runs! If you’ve never heard of it, Forest Park is …


Booty Shakin’ Fitness!

Do you love your body? How about your BOOTY? Well, Heather Craig thinks you should! She’s developed a bootylicious workout routine that …


Weatherproof Wednesday

5:30 AM was like…However, I did burpees in the mud, ran stairs, got interviewed by KATU, and hugged a bunch of strangers…all before …