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Designing Life In 2015

Yay! We’ve moved, our commutes are shorter, and we’re one step closer to where we want to be. Clearly, we’re not quite unpacked …


GetOutAndGo Update!

Alright, remember that #GetOutAndGo Staples campaign I mentioned on February 2nd? Great! So here’s an update! 2 weeks ago I… Ran 10 miles …


Get Out And Go for Heart Health

You may have seen. You may have heard. It is American Heart Month! Heart disease kills over 600k Americans a year and since 1963, …


January Highlights

New year. New state. New jobs. It’s crazy that January is already complete! In the books. A memory. The good news is that …


My Bucket List

Every time the calendar rolls around to a new year, I feel compelled to revisit The Bucket List. The things I want …


A Wide World Waiting

This is what I see when I look out of the window. It’s a huge improvement from the blank wall of the …