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What If?

I don’t like to play the “What If?” game when it comes to things in the past. If I’m doing that, it means I’m battling regret and unforgiveness. However, when it comes to the future…I play “What If?” quite a …


Hutch’s Next Chapter

Fun news and some changes to my life. An update on running, working in fitness, and some questions for you (my sounding board) on possible next steps. Less running more cycling. Never thought I’d type those words. A while back …


30 In Napa with Friends, Food and Wine

Last weekend I celebrated 30 in Napa with the only two friends I’m certain to have for life. Heather’s witty sarcasm and Remy’s relaxed embrace of all things adventure were just what I needed my senior year of college. We’d chat about …


Sleep Training 101

I know you know that sleep is important for general health and training. Sleep falls into that category of things we know we need to prioritize but don’t…along with flossing and drinking enough water each day. However, if you ignore sleep long enough you’ll go …


Arrowhead Getaway

I’ve known that August was going to be my busiest month, but wow. I’ve just came out of the second of three consecutive weekends away from home. First it was IDEA World. Last weekend it was a bachelorette party in …


The Run Factor: Being Grateful

For many, the decision to start running is an important landmark. Running has a way of changing how we see things. The ongoing decision to run influences who you are. It’s what I call the The Run Factor. I’m sharing a few runner’s …


All About BlogFest 2014

So, I’m looking at a crap ton of photos and notes, business cards and swag from last week’s BlogFest and IDEAworld extravaganza…and I don’t know where to begin. I’m going to try to give you the BEST pieces of what …