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Weekend Update

Confession: I did not run or workout this morning. [Cue horror music.] Oh. Look at that. The world didn’t explode. Life rolls on. …


FIT Academy – Now Enrolling!

FIT Academy. Sounds like a place where people go to get schooled on becoming elite athletes! Actually, it’s a unique facility for anyone in the …


Awesome April!

Hey there! So what are your plans for April? I’ve got a few FUN things coming up and I just gotta share. Also, …


Retiring the Cape

My 5th blogging anniversary came and went in February. “Running Hutch”, my super hero alter ego created so long ago has accomplished a …


Time to Show Some Moxie

Today is a good day, worth a big smile! (I actually took this photo on Saturday but we’ll get to that in a second). …


Designing Life In 2015

Yay! We’ve moved, our commutes are shorter, and we’re one step closer to where we want to be. Clearly, we’re not quite unpacked …


GetOutAndGo Update!

Alright, remember that #GetOutAndGo Staples campaign I mentioned on February 2nd? Great! So here’s an update! 2 weeks ago I… Ran 10 miles …