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All things edible.


Bar Hopping with KIND

No, I’m not frequenting any seedy establishments selling booze. Today I’m talking about food bars. I can’t deny the convenience of a food bar when life happens and time for real food prep is scarce. I like variety, so I …


Hungry Runners and Blue Diamond Almonds

There are two kinds of runners. No matter which kind of runner you are, you get hungry. I bet your body wants snacks between meals. I bet you also like to eat really tasty things. I totally support enjoying a treat every now and then, which …


Sea Buckthorn Summer Drinks

Watch out, Acai, there’s a new berry in town! Actually, Sea Buckthorn isn’t new at all, but the health benefits of this little berry are getting a lot of attention these days! So, what is Sea Buckthorn and how can you use …


Seed to Salad & Berry Breeze

Last night was a special occasion and I totally did not document it properly but, oh well. J and I made a very small but positive step toward something that we’ve long been dreaming about. Last night it came to fruition …


Blend Ready Smoothie Jars

There is one golden nutrition rule that everyone knows but hates; you need to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits without adding bad stuff (sugar) to make them taste better! Well, this last week I found out that Jamba Juice …


Food for Chinese New Year!

There is one dish I ate when I lived in China that is so beautiful, so addictive, so sticky and delicious that if I close my eyes and think about the last time I ate it (which I remember vividly), …


Dinner with Friends: Creative Cooking Challenge

With good friends in town for the holidays, we planned to get together and catch up. Normally we’d meet at someone’s house for dinner (aka pizza) and maybe play a game after their kids go to bed. We do enjoy …