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Boudin Bread Art Comes to HB

Everything good in my life comes from TheValentineRD these days. I swear. I won an awesome LiveWell360 bag from her. She recommended great places for me to go in Napa. AND she also tipped me off to a free dinner …


Bar Hopping with KIND

No, I’m not frequenting any seedy establishments selling booze. Today I’m talking about food bars. I can’t deny the convenience of a food bar when life happens and time for real food prep is scarce. I like variety, so I …


Hungry Runners and Blue Diamond Almonds

There are two kinds of runners. No matter which kind of runner you are, you get hungry. I bet your body wants snacks between meals. I bet you also like to eat really tasty things. I totally support enjoying a treat every now and then, which …


Sea Buckthorn Summer Drinks

Watch out, Acai, there’s a new berry in town! Actually, Sea Buckthorn isn’t new at all, but the health benefits of this little berry are getting a lot of attention these days! So, what is Sea Buckthorn and how can you use …


Seed to Salad & Berry Breeze

Last night was a special occasion and I totally did not document it properly but, oh well. J and I made a very small but positive step toward something that we’ve long been dreaming about. Last night it came to fruition …


Blend Ready Smoothie Jars

There is one golden nutrition rule that everyone knows but hates; you need to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits without adding bad stuff (sugar) to make them taste better! Well, this last week I found out that Jamba Juice …


Food for Chinese New Year!

There is one dish I ate when I lived in China that is so beautiful, so addictive, so sticky and delicious that if I close my eyes and think about the last time I ate it (which I remember vividly), …