Barefoot Running: What Not to Do Your First Time

I really only have two problem spots: the momma blister on the big toe and the tiny blood blister on the heel:

The other little blisters and scrapes aren’t really noticeable. At least not compared to those.

So why did I go barefoot running? Well,

A friend read Born to Run and loved it so much I had to read it > After reading it I went to the author’s website > Chris McDougall recommends the Barefoot Running website for more info on the subject > The Barefoot Running website had a post from Barefoot Ken Bob about his weekly fun runs with a map that I recognized as a local beach > It turns out that Barefoot Ken Bob lives 2 miles away from me! > Therefore, I HAD TO GO RUNNING WITH BAREFOOT KEN BOB!

And the rest is history. I showed up late last Tuesday night so I missed the run but I did still get to meet Barefoot Ken Bob and his buddy Bernard. We talked about running without shoes and said we’d be back for the Thursday night run. I was so disappointed about miss

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